Concerned about your business's cybersecurity? Not sure what to do? Rest easy, our cybersecurity experts have you covered.

We help businesses avoid becoming victims of cyber-attacks through software tools, personalized guidance, coaching and support.

Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Our 3 Step Cybersecurity System

This 3 step process is key to understanding the cybersecurity threats to your business and developing an implementation plan to prevent becoming a victim of cyber attacks. It's what we follow for every engagement we deliver.

Understand & Review

First, our cybersecurity consultants will seek to understand your business thoroughly, its goals, and its constraints.

Then, we perform a comprehensive cybersecurity review which includes five areas: Identification, Protection, Detection, Response, and Recovery.

Next, we dive into your data handling practices, business culture, messaging strategies, and business policies.

And finally, we perform a risk assessment of your business to prioritize what should be tackled first.

Identify & Implement

Second, our cybersecurity consultants will create and present a prioritized action plan.

Then, we can help with the plan implementation, coach you through implementation where needed or check in periodically to measure progress and ensure you're on track.

Review & Monitor

Finally, our cybersecurity consultants will periodically review and update your cybersecurity review as your business grows and its goals and constraints change.

Then, we will update your action plan and present the updated action plan.

In addition, our cybersecurity consultants can monitor your progress towards completing the action plan and provide help or coaching where needed.

How we can do it for you

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