We help businesses avoid losing revenue and reputation due to cyber attacks and their sales emails landing spam folders through software tools, consulting, and coaching. As a fully remote and online business ourselves, we know the challenges you’re dealing with, and how to leverage your unique position as an online business to avoid becoming a victim of a cyber-attack and to ensure your critical sales messages reach reach your prospects inboxes.

Small Business Cybersecurity & Email Deliverability

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Small Business Cybersecurity

Avoid Cyber Attacks

You’re not your parent's small business - Your business doesn't exist in one physical location, you aren't working on a desktop computer tied to the wall in a sea of stuffy grey cubicles or processing payments with a terminal that uses a phone line. So why would you accept cyber security advice and strategies designed for these companies?

We work with ecommerce stores, online course creators, digital marketers, freelancers, ontent creators and SaaS creators.

  • Protection from ransomware
  • Protection from password attacks
  • Customized cybersecurity checklist

Email Deliverability

Reach The Inbox

At one time, unsolicited email wasn’t controlled, and every email landed in a recipient's inbox. This led to the spread of spam, viruses, and other cyber threats.

Today, the same tools that were created to protect us, also prevent the emails we send from reaching our recipient’s inboxes if they don’t follow the “rules”. Sometimes, these “rules” can prevent emails that a recipient has asked to receive, from never actually reaching their inbox.

  • Solve issues with our Email Deliverability System
  • Tools to proactively monitor your deliverability
  • Proactively identify and solve issues

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